About Us


YieldRiser was founded in 2015 but our employees have been active in the online ad market since 1997. They used to establish top Polish advertising agencies and now focus on revenue increase of many Publishers cooperating with YieldRiser.
Many Publishers monetize their free content by simply placing Google AdSense codes on page and then focus on developing the content, taking care of the website community, SEO, creating new functions, direct sales etc.
Ad revenue optimization is of key importance as it can instantly increase monthly revenues of a company.
Each and every day YieldRiser team proves we can do it.

We are a Google AdExchange certified partner. This is a guarantee that we are real experts in what we do.


YieldRiser team is not composed of randomly chosen members of the public. We have developed an onboarding training scheme. Therefore, if you are a premium Publisher, a dedicated ad optimization expert is assigned to you and you can be sure that they know what they do. Your website is not a testing ground, is it?


We tackle Publisher revenues optimization in a comprehensive way.

We use a combination of various manual optimization techniques and proprietary technologies to achieve the best results.

We optimize directly from the Publisher’s ad server and require 100% exclusive optimization access to the remnant ad inventory.

This allows us to control better the Publisher – ad network relationship.



  • Access 100% of AdSense demand + additional demand sources from major media houses and ad networks
  • Consultation and assistance in adapting to the Google acceptance policy
  • Net 30 payments
  • 24/7 optimization
  • 20% – 200% increase in ad revenues
  • Access to Publisher Dashboard


(minimum 5 mln PV/month required)

  • Comprehensive ad inventory monetization
  • Dedicated ad optimization expert
  • Free DFP implementation
  • We implement and optimize new demand sources (premium ad networks)
  • Marketplace of Google AdSense, Google AdExchange and many top-performing ad networks and SSP solutions
  • Providing new revenue sources
  • Monetization consulting for ad inventory, placement, size, content & data strategy and direct sales team 
  • 50% – 200% increase in ad revenues
  • Anti-Adblock solutions
  • Access to Publisher Dashboard

YieldRiser is not a mere ad operations’ seller.

For our Publisher we are their website monetization partner which takes a joint risk of the activities undertaken.

For further details on our company please

sign up or email us at kontakt@yieldriser.com