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Switch from Google AdSense to DoubleClick AdExchange.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange was designed for big brand advertisers and premium Publishers. Yield Riser is able to offer DoubleClick Ad Exchange access to each Publisher that partners with us.

Below are the reasons why DoubleClick Ad Exchange performs better than AdSense.

  • Complex ad targeting technology
  • AdSense revenue + additionally revenue from major advertiser
  • Additional optimization tools
  • Advanced reporting

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a system which offers real time access to all major web ad demand sources (i.e. demand-side platforms, or DSPs, purchasing advertisements from large media houses, direct customers etc.) plus entire Google AdSense marketplace. It results in increased demand, increased competition, and therefore higher rates and % of fill space.

Double Click AdExchange offers much more possibilities to configure ad inventory availability and define its rules of sale. This translates into enhanced ad revenue optimization.

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