We increase revenues from 50 % to 200 %

Let us focus on the revenue optimization of your ad inventories. You will be able to focus on what is the most important to you – on the creation and development of your own business. We optimize ad display depending on the device, regardless of its type or screen size. No matter if it’s a computer, tablet or smartphone – our selection strategy of the best ad size adapted to the device works and pays off. Every day we check and maximize your revenues, observe particular advertisers’ rates and control minimum prices in a way to sell as many ads as possible at the highest possible rates. We do it all the time. Moreover, we directly contact Google, which accelerates the issue resolving process.

Yield Riser provides Premium Publisher with:

  • Superior ad optimization results via various techniques and technology
  • Access to premium ad networks’ demand
  • Better revenue shares from online ads
  • Free ad server (Double Click for Publishers) implementation
  • Implementation of new revenue streams
  • Better contact with Google, faster troubleshooting
  • Ad quality assurance
  • Risk-free pricing model based on a success fee rule.